Putting the Planet First

We commit to protecting our environment
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Our refurbishment experts take every phone through an extensive eco-friendly restoration process  using original Apple parts and Apple Certified accessories. Nunutz premium packaging contains no plastic or harmful glues and is made from thick recycled card. No corners are cut, and no detail goes unchecked.


Sustainable business practices create a sustainable future for us all. We do our utmost to embody values of trust and fairness in all aspects of our operations. We take responsibility for the impact of our restoration process and look out for our factory workers, employees, and customers. All that to give our customers the best smartphones around at the lowest price as possible.


To manufacture a phone, gold, silver, copper, platinum, iron, tin and more are extracted via deforestation, exploitation, mining and coral destruction. Our planet can no longer support our destructive patterns. Along with increasing the use-life of an iPhone (and reducing its carbon footprint), Nunutz is committed to recycling (where possible) and using eco-friendly solutions as a rule rather than a corporate marketing scheme. From using responsible delivery companies to funding coral initiatives, we put the planet first.

Nunutz.com CEO

Nunutz CEO

Coral Farming
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Replanting Coral

Did you know that all the ocean’s coral is on the path to extinction in the next 40 years? We’ve joined with Coral Guardians and pledged to donate a portion of each sale for coral replanting efforts. Join the cause.

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