Our detailed process from refurbishment to delivery.
Every step is optimized for minimal environmental impact.

Step 1. Grading

We grade each phone carefully.

When used or returned iPhone arrive at our factory, we carefully sort them into 4 quality grades depending on exterior condition:


As New: No visible scratches whatsoever.

Excellent Condition: Light scratches that are invisible from  20 cm away

Good Condition: Minor scratches and 1 or 2 deeper ones on the case or screen edge

Fair Condition:  Minor scratches and more than 2 deep scratches


If the phone is too damaged to be in fair condition, we pass it onto other providers and brokers.


Unlock & Battery

Step 2. Factory Reset & Battery Change

Each phone undergoes a factory reset and is checked for the following:

  • Unlocked for worldwide use
  • Battery level is not below 88% or above 700 charging cycles
  • No iCloud Account associated with the phone
  • NOT blacklisted anywhere in the world

If the battery capacity is lower than 88% and/or the battery has been charged more than 700 times, our experts carefully remove and recycle the old battery and replace it with a brand new one certified by Apple.

*If the phone is blacklisted or locked, we pass it onto another provider. We do not sell locked or blacklisted phones.

Unlock & Battery

Step 3. Quality is KEY!

35-Point Check

Nunutz is all about quality. We painstakingly check 35 functions on every single phone we refurbish. We pay particular attention to the following:

  • Front camera & back camera
  • Screen responsiveness and 3D Touch
  • True Tone & flashlight
  • All mechanical and taptic buttons
  • All 3 microphones
  • Face ID and fingerprint scanner

We only stock & sell phones that pass all 35 of our quality assurance checks.


35 Checks
Cleaning & Free Glass Protection

Step 4. Cleaning & Free Gift

We disinfect the phone with environmentally friendly formula that removes any bacteria that might be present on your phone. Using specialist brushes, every crevice, speaker and mic hole, button, and charging port is thoroughly cleared of dust and particles. To protect your iPhone and make it last longer, we apply a glass screen protector free of charge.

Cleaning & Free Glass Protection

Step 5. Packaging, Delivery & Warranty

Your iPhone is placed in plastic-free packaging made from recycled card and chemical-free glue. We include:

  • 1x brand-new charger with fast-charging capabilities (not a cheap slow charger)
  • 1x charging cable (CE certified and Made for iPhone) finished with durable nylon to make it last longer and avoid knotting

We only use delivery companies who have committed to the COP21  Sustainable Innovation Forum to switch to more sustainable fuels.

Every Nunutz iPhone comes with a 14-day return policy and a fair 1-year warranty (phones for repair will need to be shipped to our repair center in France).


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